A couple of months ago, Azeredo Cosmetics contacted me, and asked if I’d like to try out their collection of cruelty free mink lashes. I jumped at this chance and purchased two sets from their website, Vixen and Goddess. When they arrived the packaging was amazing, sturdy and came with a case you could pop your lashes back into after use which was a big bonus for me. I wasn’t however, too keen on the Vixen set, they looked too natural for me (but if you like the natural look these are for you), when I buy false lashes I like them to be big and bold. The Goddess set did just this for me, they were so comfortable and easy to apply, the band on these lashes were soft and subtle not too bold or chunky as some lashes out there seem to have. As for the amount of wears they are meant to last up to 15 wears as it states on the website, however I’m on my 12th use and can see these lasting beyond 15 wears with the right care when being used. I can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future when my current set has done it’s time, may try Icon which looks a lot fuller than Vixen. Get 10% off with PhoebeD10

Wearing Goddess Lashes
I love how full the Goddess set looks from a distance.