So the words seemingly on everyone’s lips in the beauty industry is nose hair extensions?! WTF?!  Now, this all started when instagrammer @gret_chen_chen posted a selfie with false lashes applied to her nostrils.

the OG post that started it all

Since then, instagrammers with bigger followings have hopped onto this trend, causing newspaper articles to clock this trend. I feel that the OG instagrammer was hidden under the more famous ones, I had to do some digging to find her. Here’s my glittery take.

What do you think of this? I can’t imagine what could be next!



Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation

Kat Von D Thunderstruck metal crush shadow (to highlight)

The Balm Bahama Mama (to contour)

Mac Cosmetics Sweet Sentiment Blush (Limited Edition)



Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture Palette, Shades; All Star, Dawn, Rowdy, Adorn, Fudge, New Wave, Edge was used.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara


Nyx Cosmetics Suede liquid lip in Jet Set



Now guys, I know we all like beauty on a budget, so when I spied this product in my local Primark, I had to snap it up and test it out for you guys. It comes in a small tube for £2.50.  This is a BB foundation stick aimed at people who workout or do sports, now I only picked this up because, I’m a mother of 2 small children and get a bit sweaty running around after them. Now when I first opened this, I was hit with a bit of a chemical smell (smelled like new shoes to me). There is also a very limited variety of shades to choose from.

On first application, it barely had any coverage but I’d expect this to be suitable for those who only want light coverage, I did two layers to build to a medium coverage and it was great, my skin looked dewy and it didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation. When blending into my skin with a beauty blender, it blended like a dream, I then set this with the powder from the same workout range. Now I’ll insert a picture of my bare face so you can compare coverage.

bare faced
Full face using the bb stick foundation as base.

Now, this is supposed to be a long lasting BB foundation to last through sweating, however I noticed within half an hour it was flaking and creasing up.

close up

Now I did prep my skin before applying this, however it still clumped up and went flakey, and I do not have dry skin at all. I believe this was a reaction due to the heat of my lights, (They make me quite warm).  Therefore, I do not see this fit for it’s purpose however if it’s winter and you’re not going to get warm or workout, and your skin isn’t dry at all then I say go ahead, this would be great. But it’s not really ideal for the everyday person.


Right so, the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette is THE BEST holographic highlighter palette I have ever encountered. This post isn’t a review, but a post about one of my absolute favourites. This is sold as a highlighter palette but it’s versatile as hell, and can pretty much be used anywhere on the face. There are four colours in this palette; Emerald, Saphyre, Amethyst and Opal.

I’ve used this; on my lid to create a halo eye and as an inner corner highlight,

Amethyst on the lid, Saphyre in the inner corner and Emerald on the brow bone.

as a lip topper over lipstick,

Saphyre on top of OCC lip tar in Vain.

and as highlight.

Opal as cheek highlight

If I could, I would bathe my entire being in it. If you want  to shine and be seen from outer space, this palette is your best friend. Don’t let the small pans fool you (they’re about the same size as standard make up geek eyeshadow pans) you only need a little bit to pack a punch. I love how it shimmers and changes colour where the light hits it. And you know what the best part is?! It’s only $32 (£25)




Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation in Ivory 12

Fenty Beauty Profilt’r longwear foundation in shade 120

Fenty Beauty Match stix trio in Light 100

Anastasia Beverley Hills OG Contour Kit in Light/Medium

Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush shadow in Thunderstruck to highlight


Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture palette; Roxy, Dawn, Adorn, Fudge

LimeCrime Venus palette; creation, venus

Kryolan Contour pencil in 902

TooFaced better than sex mascara

Anastasia Beverley Hills “That Glow” Glow Kit (discontinued); Golden Bronze for the inner corner.


Limecrime velvetine liquid lipstick in Salem.


I ordered this after seeing how Rihanna created this line for all women everywhere in mind (I mean 40SHADES OF FOUNDATION?!?!). I’m pale skinned and I rarely find a shade that isn’t too orange on my skin, so I had to jump at the chance to try this! When my delivery turned up at the door, I was majorly excited to try this out after seeing everyone raving about the coverage and the packaging. Now, I don’t usually care much for packaging that it comes in, more how the product works. I LOVE that the match stix trio is magnetic and connects together, no more losing parts of a set! Before applying this foundation I started with a plain base packed with a whole lotta moisturiser, this is a matte foundation and they do not pair well with dry skin.

No make-up except for my eyebrows.

First off, I applied my profilt’r soft matte longwear foundation with my real techniques buffing brush bit by bit, I had to work fast I noticed this foundation settled and dried onto the skin quickly so no time for blending. I then used my beauty blender, to blend any streaks my brush may have left behind. This foundation covered my uneven/patchy skin tone and reddish cheeks so in my opinion it did what was required, however it clung to dry patches. So if you have dry skin and want to try this foundation out, stock up on the moisturizer and let that really sink into the skin before touching this. I applied my match stix trio to contour and highlight, I was unsure on the light shade, it just disappeared into my foundation (shade 120) rather than being a shade lighter (this was the “light” shade of the trio sets) to highlight these key areas. Having said that, as this shade is the perfect match to my foundation it’s a brilliant concealer instead to pair with it. The contour shade (amber) However, the shade “starlight” in the set was THE BOMB DOT COM, I rarely encounter a cream highlight/blush like this where it amazes me with very little product required.

After using the foundation and match stix trio

Okay, so final thoughts, the coverage is amazing, the match stix trio is really blendable and melts into the skin and it does last me all day, I would definitely buy this again. However this isn’t suitable for dry skin. I hope one day Rihanna brings out a luminous foundation range as well. Who knows?

Final look, I told you the highlight is THE BOMB



A couple of months ago, Azeredo Cosmetics contacted me, and asked if I’d like to try out their collection of cruelty free mink lashes. I jumped at this chance and purchased two sets from their website, Vixen and Goddess. When they arrived the packaging was amazing, sturdy and came with a case you could pop your lashes back into after use which was a big bonus for me. I wasn’t however, too keen on the Vixen set, they looked too natural for me (but if you like the natural look these are for you), when I buy false lashes I like them to be big and bold. The Goddess set did just this for me, they were so comfortable and easy to apply, the band on these lashes were soft and subtle not too bold or chunky as some lashes out there seem to have. As for the amount of wears they are meant to last up to 15 wears as it states on the website, however I’m on my 12th use and can see these lasting beyond 15 wears with the right care when being used. I can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future when my current set has done it’s time, may try Icon which looks a lot fuller than Vixen. Get 10% off with PhoebeD10

Wearing Goddess Lashes
I love how full the Goddess set looks from a distance.